Fundamental changes in the way of species conservation


By ZHOU Jinfeng

Abstract: Due to the rapid development of industrial civilization, the survival and reproduction of many species have been threatened unprecedentedly by industrial erosion, hunting and habitat loss. The conflict between industrial civilization and new civilization is reflected in the conservation ways of different species such as Beijing swifts, succulents and great bustards. Every species is an important part of the ecosystem. The endangerment and extinction of species will create a domino effect, and the consequences will be irreversible. We must mobilize the widest involvement of the people, start a new ecological civilization, and promote fundamental changes in the way of species conservation.

Key words: Species conservation, biodiversity, science and technology ethics, a community of all life on Earth

ZHOU Jinfeng. Fundamental changes in the way of species conservation - Science and technology ethics in the new civilization. BioGreen - Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Vol. 1, July 2023. Total Issues 45. ISSN2749-9065