Foreword of the inaugural issue



The Forword of the inaugural issue of Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development

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The Editorial Board,Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development,Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development,Vol.1 No.1. December 2021,ISSN2749-9065

With winter approaching, the sun is yet warm.

Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development, a monthly bilingual journal, starts publication on December 1, 2021.

This is an era of great change, with the ongoing transition from the industrial civilization to a new civilization, where sustainability is a key issue in defining how we live and develop. The lingering hangover from the industrial civilization still deeply affects the way we live, develop and consume. The unfolding of ecological civilization with sustainable development as its core is guiding us to the long journey to Green Hills and Clear Waters. At this crucial point for building a shared future for all life on earth with ecological civilization, we have the honor of presenting to you this professional journal on biodiversity conservation and green development. The new journal aims to provide the empirical perspectives which underlay what ecological civilization is, and how these green visions can be fulfilled.

The journal marks a new effort by the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation to constantly broaden its horizons, promote innovation and communication since its founding in 1985. We hope to make even bigger contribution to building a harmonious society, genuinely achieving sustainable development and advancing the vision of ecological civilization.

Individual ideas lead actions. In human history, from totemism in the Stone Age to farming in the Iron Age, to manufacturing with machines then to the thesis of Green Hills and Clear Waters, every step forward was accompanied with the change of ideas. Led by the bright ideas, we are able to be innovative to keep pace with times in an ever-changing world.

With perceptiveness, precision, accessibility and convenience as its motto, the journal is committed to gathering and presenting to its readers ideas, the most up-to-date trends and development, as well as scientific achievement in relevant fields.

As an international publication, Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development is a journal without borders. We welcome every reader to engage, comprehend, study and comment on a broad range of issues about society, economy, life, science, culture, education, and many more.

What kind of future are we expecting? How can we get there? Biodiversity loss on a global scale is worsening, the challenge from climate change is getting more formidable, and human is facing more serious public health crises. With the backdrop of mainstreaming ecological civilization worldwide, every country needs to answer these questions. The answer will not be the only one, and the paths are diverse, though sustainability is the only correct goal.

The best time to act is now. We are ready to march on together with you.

Editorial Board

Biodiversity Conservation and Green Developmen