Global Ocean Governance: Dilemmas, Cooperation Mechanisms and Chinese Practice


By ZHAI Yujie

Abstract: The ocean governance is one of the hot spots of concern to the international community. Since the new century, global ocean governance has seen many threats and challenges. The clarification of major difficulties and governance differences in current ocean governance can help promote cooperation in global ocean governance. The current cooperation mechanisms of global ocean governance are mainly based on two governance paths: globalism and regionalism. This paper makes a review of China’s international cooperation mechanisms for dealing with ocean disputes and participating in global ocean governance, re-examines the current rules of ocean governance, and analyzes and considers China’s response strategies in building a new type of ocean governance mechanism.

Key words: Global ocean governance, governance dilemmas, Chinese practice

ZHAI Yujie. Global Ocean Governance: Dilemmas, Cooperation Mechanisms and Chinese Practice. BioGreen - Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Vol. 1, June 2023. Total Issues 41. ISSN2749-9065


The waters near the port of Cape Town, South Africa

Photo by LI Zhi