A Case Study Of Xizhou Village, Xizhou Town, Dali, Yunnan Province


By LI ZhangDUAN Xiaodi

AbstractAs one of the important concentrated forms of Chinese rural culture, local landscape is related to the success or failure of new rural construction and village planning. How to protect the existing local landscape and give full play to the role of local landscape in the development and protection of cultural heritage is one of the important tasks of rural planning. Taking Xizhou village, Xizhou Town, Dali, Yunnan Province as an example, this paper discusses and studies the local landscape planning of Xizhou village from the perspective of multi compliance, so as to provide technical support for the scientific protection, rational development and utilization of local landscape in rural revitalization, and provide reference and reference for the local landscape planning in rural planning in similar areas in China.

Key words: Local Landscape; New Countryside; Village Planning; Multi Compliance; Conservation Planning

LI Zhang DUAN Xiaodi. Research On Local Landscape Protection Planning In Rural Planning Under The Background Of "Multi Compliance And Integration" -

- A Case Study Of Xizhou Village, Xizhou Town, Dali, Yunnan Province. Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Volume 1, Issue 11. October 2022. ISSN2749-9065

1.West Yunnan University of Applied Sciences, Dali, Yunnan, 671000

2.Dali Vocational and Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry, Dali, Yunnan, 671000