Aligator Gar’s “invasion” and Four Principals of Ecological Restoration


By ZHOU Jinfeng WANG Jing


Alligator Gar and the Fushou Snail are alien species in China. Due to the lack of effective natural enemies, the former one is endowed with the ferocious attribute of "eating up all the other fish in a water area", and the other has become a killer of rice fields and a carrier of parasites, causing a series of "ecological security panic". Based on these two representative cases of ecological invasive species, this paper puts forward suggestions on ecological invasion control and ecological restoration, hoping to effectively cope with the problem of species invasion and do a good job in ecological civilization construction by strengthening biological control and following the Four Principles of Ecological Restoration.

Key words:

Alligator Gar, ampullaria gigas, invasion, biological control, ecological restoration

Zhou Jinfeng and Wang Jing. Aligator Gar’s “invasion” and Four Principals of

Ecological Restoration. Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development, Vol. 1, No. 10, September 2022, ISSN2749-9065