Practice of Ecological Civilization Post of Taiyuan Meilin Farm "Six-frees " open path to ecologica


By WANG Xiaoqiong


As one of the Ecological Civilization Posts under China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, the Taiyuan Meilin Farm will launch research-study activities for primary and middle-school students to promote ecological civilization ideas through nature education and science education. The Farm will also work with the farmers nearby to advance ecological civilization and the “Six-frees” model of farming. The projects will bring the surrounding peasants into the ecological agriculture practice and build an ecological agriculture model base in the Xinghualing District of Taiyuan City.

Key words:

Six-frees, ecological agriculture, rural revitalization, natural research

Wang Xiaoqiong. Practice of Ecological Civilization Post in Taiyuan Meilin Farm. "Six-frees" open path to ecological farm. Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development, Vol. 1, No. 10, September 2022, ISSN2749-9065