Should not give up eating due to fear for choking


By ZHANG RongyuMA ShengWANG HuaTIAN Wenjie


Summer is the breeding season for the Fushou snails (Pomacea canaliculate),

and the topic about the snails is very hot. There are many different opinions

about the number of parasites in a single snail. The most famous argument

supporting “never eating a snail” is that there are 6,000 parasites in a single

snail. This paper holds that more rigorous data are needed in order to

demonstrate the number of parasites and whether it is edible or not. In order

to better protect biodiversity and ecological balance and realize harmonious

symbiosis between man and nature, the author of this paper advocates "nature-based solutions" for the prevention and control of the invasive alien snails.

Key words:

Pomacea canaliculatealien invasive speciesparasiteNature-based solutions

biological controlresource utilizationbiological diversityecological balance

ZHANG RongyuMA ShengWANG HuaTIAN Wenjie. The number of

parasites in Fushou Snails needs scientific verification. Should not give up

eating due to fear for choking. Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Vol.1 No.8, July 2022, ISSN2749-9065