Rethinking the meaning and action of soil biodiversity conservation


By LI Lihong


Soil is precious because it supports all living creatures, including human beings. However, since industrialization, soil ecology has suffered unprecedented damage due to lack of knowledge, limited technology, or economic interests and many other considerations. Electric capture of earthworm case is caused by people’s pursuit of selfish interests. Some people buy and sell the peat soil in the northeast out of speculation, so the black land suffers. Conservation efforts made only by social organizations or individuals seem weak, so measures are expected to be introduced at the national level to protect soil ecology.

Key words:

Soil ecology, biological diversity, earthworm, environment public interests litigation,

general survey of soil

LI Lihong. Reflections on “Electric Capture of Earthworm Case”: Rethinking the meaning and action of soil biodiversity conservation. Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Vol.1 No.8, July 2022, ISSN2749-9065