World Tiger Day 2022 -- Let tigers return to their forest homes


By LAN Yilin


Tigers have lived on Earth for more than two million years. As large predators at the top of the food chain, tigers are not only an important part of ecosystems and civilizations, but they are also ideal indicator species and umbrella species. If their environment is preserved, many other species will naturally be protected as well. Today, wild tigers face many challenges due to illegal wildlife trade, human-

wildlife conflict, habitat loss or fragmentation, and climate change. This paper puts forward several strategies and suggestions for tiger protection based on the living status of tigers, and calls for more public attention for caring endangered wild animals such as tigers, valuing biodiversity conservation and build a better home on the earth.

Key words:

World Tiger Day, habitat, biodiversity, ecological connectivity, sustainable development

LAN Yilin. World Tiger Day 2022 -

Let tigers return to their forest homes. Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Vol.1 No.8, July 2022, ISSN2749-9065