【Opinion】Jiang Boya: Climate Action in Drylands from Legal Perspective


Jiang Boya: Climate Action in Drylands from Legal Perspective

By Jiang Boya


Curbing ecological and environmental degradation in drylands is extremely urgent. Climate actions to protect drylands gained more and more attention in recent years. Among the many actions and conservation measures, legal approaches are particularly critical because of its strong binding effects and lasting impacts. Meanwhile, legal tools could safeguard other conservation actions. Both international and national laws should be used in parallel to ensure that climate actions in drylands are effective. The presentation will analyze the general legal framework of climate action in drylands, as well as relevant international conventions and representative regional laws, and present and analyze typical cases of climate action in drylands from relevant countries and regions. The presentation will also look at potential strong measures for future climate action in drylands.

Key words: drylands, ecological and environmental, climate action, legal tools, international laws, national laws

Organizing Committee for the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and Drylands Dialogue Jiang Boya: Climate Action in Drylands from Legal Perspective. Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development, Vol.5 No.3, January 2022, ISSN2749-9065