【Focus】Referential Value for the “Wild Life Protection Law (Revised Draft)”


Referential Value for the “Wild Life Protection Law (Revised Draft)” Brought by the Chaos from Laboratory Monkeys in Capital Market

Author: HUA Xiaoxia


China is rich in wild primate resources, and under the policy of wildlife utilization (trade), China is the world's largest supplier of laboratory monkeys, with the breeding stock number reaching a peak of 300,000 in 2013, which has been kept till now. Since 2020, articles and calls from people in the industry chain have been advocating the shortage of laboratory monkeys, saying that the shortage has impeded the development of biotechnology in China. At the same time, some authoritative source pointed out that the oversupply of laboratory monkeys is difficult to reverse in the short term, and there are problems such as vicious competition among breeding enterprises in recent years.

This paper explores the situation of laboratory monkeys in China, and also discusses the business and stockpiling of laboratory monkeys in the well-known leading biological asset companies, especially the cases of fair value changes brought by the purchase of a large number of laboratory monkeys by listed companies.

The paper also outlines the situation of the export of laboratory monkeys, laboratory monkeys abroad and the wild primates. Finally, the paper analyzes the provisions from the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife on wildlife farming and trade, and calls on relevant departments to take measures against capital market activities such as profiteering through wildlife trading.

Key words: laboratory monkeys, primates, overseas, oversupply, capital

HUA Xiaoxia Referential Value for the Wild Life Protection Law (Revised Draft)Brought by the Chaos from Laboratory Monkeys in Capital Market. Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development, Vol.1 No.5, April 2022, ISSN2749-9065