When does excessive packaging of goods stop?


By CHAO Meijuan

Abstract: The vigorous development of the commodity economy has greatly enriched the material life of the people. With the intensification of packaging wars in recent years, the issue of excessive packaging has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life. Excessive packaging of goods not only wastes the limited resources of the Earth, increases the burden on consumers, but also causes pollution and damage to the environment. This article takes the environmental public interest litigation against Shanghai Xinghualou Food Co. and Shanghai Xinghualou Food Sales Co. as an example, discusses the excessive packaging of Zongzi (rice pudding) and moon cakes, and puts forward some insights on the green and low-carbon transformation of production and lifestyle in the era of ecological civilization.

Key words: Excessive packaging, environmental pollution, public interest litigation, preventive judgment

CHAO Meijuan. When does excessive packaging of goods stop? The case of Shanghai Xinghualou Excessive Packaging Public Interest Litigation as an example. BioGreen - Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Vol. 1, July 2023. Total Issues 45. ISSN2749-9065



Source: CBCGDF Media