Regeneration: To pave the way to end the climate crisis

2023-11-29 10:32 WANG Xiaoqiong

By WANG Xiaoqiong

Abstract: The book Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation by Paul Hawken, an American environmental advocate, entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker, features a preface by Jane Goodall, a world-renowned ethologist and conservationist. Focused on the theme of “regeneration”, the book argues that the most immediate and effective way to tackle the climate crisis is by leveraging nature’s resilience to “regenerate” various life forms, including humans and other species. It revolves around six key action frameworks including fairness, emissions reduction, protection, carbon sequestration, guidance and support, and discusses across diverse sections covering oceans, forests, wilderness, land, humans, cities, food, energy, industry and action to explore regenerative strategies to combat climate change. In addition, this book introduces the innovative solution of “action plus connection” aligned with these frameworks, presenting a cohesive scenario of actions, policies and changes.

Key words: Climate crisis, regeneration, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, emissions reduction

WANG Xiaoqiong. Regeneration: To pave the way to end the climate crisis. BioGreen - Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Vol. 1, November 2023. Total Issues 52. ISSN2749-9065


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