On the impact of global climate change and Human-based Solutions (HbS)

2023-10-30 10:36 WANG Xiaoqiong and ZHOU Jinfeng

By WANG Xiaoqiong and ZHOU Jinfeng

Abstract: Climate change has become one of the triple planetary crisis, comprehensively and profoundly affecting social development and sustainable livelihoods in the future. At the moment, the most urgent climate change issue facing mankind is global warming. The impacts of global warming include melting polar glaciers and rising sea levels, which will further intensify the occurrence of extreme disasters such as floods, storms, and wildfires, and also threaten socioeconomic development and human health. Addressing climate change is urgent. In 2015, 178 parties around the world signed the Paris Agreement to limit the increase in global average temperature to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. However, based on the global development situation, there are still huge challenges in controlling the global warming within 2°C. What can humans do to respond to these impacts? Some crucial points include the idea that we’re born equal of carbon and the Human-based Solutions (HbS).

Key words: Global warming, ecosystem, extreme weather, climate justice and carbon responsibilities, Human-based Solutions

WANG Xiaoqiong, ZHOU Jinfeng. On the impact of global climate change and Human-based Solutions (HbS). BioGreen - Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development. Vol. 1, October 2023. Total Issues 50. ISSN2749-9065