Guidelines for Contribution
The manuscript should have clear viewpoints, accurate materials, precise structure, clear expression and concise words. Original academic papers are especially welcome. Plagiarism and falsification are strictly prohibited. The author is responsible for any such violation. Photographs should also meet the requirements of the magazine and be accompanied by photo captions.
The submitted work (as of being published) shall be the original work of the contributor, and the contributor shall enjoy the complete personal rights of the work (as of being published). The contributor shall ensure that all the authors and copyright units of the manuscript are informed of all the contents of the article and agree to contribute to the journal as the authors and copyright units of the manuscript.
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Copyright statements
Contributors to the journal are deemed to automatically acknowledge that their contributions meet the requirements of the Guidelines for Contribution, are free from plagiarism, and do not contain any content that contravenes existing laws. Once the contribution is adopted, it shall be deemed that the contributor and the author have agreed to authorize the publication to use the submitted work, including but not limited to the Right to Assembly (part or all of the article), the Reproduction Right of the printed and electronic version (including the CD-ROM version and the online version, etc.), Distribution Right, Translation Right and Information Network Transmission Right.


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