Vol.1 November. 2023 Total Issues 52

Publication date: November 29, 2023

Climate change is real, and the world is facing multiple climate crises, including heat waves, droughts, wildfires, rising sea levels, flooding, winter storms, and biodiversity loss. It is also true that human activities are the main cause of climate change. Since the Industrial Revolution, greenhouse gas concentrations have been increasing steadily, with the average global temperature keeping rising.

As an annual conference that gathers global climate action, the United Nations Climate Change Conference is the largest and most important climate conference in the world. The successive achievements of global results based on consultations at the conference, such as the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, the Paris Agreement in 2015 and the “Loss and Damage” Fund in 2022, have provided framework guidance and scientific strategies for the global joint response to climate change. From November 30 to December 12 of 2023, the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, which is a major oil and gas country. What results will be achieved or adopted during the conference is once again the focus of attention, such as emissions reduction and energy transition.

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